Delicious, Low-cost and Nutritious Vegetable Cakes

This recipe for delicious vegetable cakes is very simple and budget-friendly. They are rich in protein, good fats and low GI carbohydrates.

These cakes were made by me for my girlfriend. They were so loved that she wanted to make them again for her. If you aren’t sure how to cook them, why not give it a try Delicious & Nutritious My Prep Delivery?

This is a great recipe that’s simple, easy, and affordable.


3 medium carrots

3 large potatoes

4 large onions

4 cloves

50g fresh basil

2 whole eggs

2 eggs whites

Extra mature cheddar cheese, 200g

Cooking oil

Equipment needed


Chopping board

Sharp chopping tool

Cheese grater




First peel the carrots and potatoes. Then grate them into large bowls. Next, cut the onions into thin slices and add them to your mixing bowl. Next, break up two eggs whole and add two eggwhites. After that, you can begin to whisk the eggs until it reaches a desired consistency. Give the chopped parsley a good rinse under cold tap. Once the eggs are cool, chop finely with a sharp blade. You will need to chop the garlic in small pieces. Mix together the egg mixture, parsley and garlic in a large bowl. The cheddar cheese should be grated in a separate container. Put the cooked mixture into a large saucepan. Add a bit of cooking oil to get it boiling. Make a little scoop of the vegetable mix and then shape it into a flat pattie. To fry the patties, gently fry them until the outside is crispy. The tops will be grilled soon. After half-frying the patties fry them in a skillet. Add plenty of cheese to the top. Grill the cheese till it becomes golden. Serve with a simple and healthy side salad. Drink plenty of filtered or unfiltered water along with your meals.

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